McDonnell sentencing today

Bob McDonnell
Bob McDonnell

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will be sentenced today. The Washington Post has a live blog up, as does The Virginian-Pilot. The recommendation is a sentence of 10-12 years. Maureen McDonnell, the former first lady, will not be sentenced today. Her sentencing is set for mid-February.

I’ll be joining Bearing Drift’s Jim Hoeft on WVEC this afternoon around 4pm to discuss the sentencing. Tune in!

EDIT: And check out the WVEC live blog as well.

EDIT 2: Jim and I appeared in two segments Tuesday. The first is here, starting at around the 7:00 mark. The second is here.


One thought on “McDonnell sentencing today

  1. Bob Mc Donnell is a sad little man that became a Legend in his own mind. Judge Spencer has shown us Virginians that the “Virginia Way” is a sad little representation of why we can always be underwhelmed as Virginians. Always one hundred years behind the hopes and expectations of the voters who show up to elect the feckless choices we are given on election day…just saying

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