Join the conversation!

Norfolk is holding a series of Community Outreach meetings over the next month to hear from residents about the budget. The attached flyer (click to enlarge) contains the dates and times. This is an excellent opportunity to have your voice heard on the budget priorities. I encourage all of Norfolk to attend one or more … Continue reading Join the conversation!


Town Hall meeting Nov 3

I am hosting a town hall meeting November 3 (click on image to enlarge) on the issues of neighborhoods and schools. Joining me will be City Manager Marcus Jones and Norfolk Public Schools superintendent Dr. Richard Bentley. I hope you will find time in your busy schedules to join us at 6:30pm next Thursday, November … Continue reading Town Hall meeting Nov 3

Norfolk City Council: 5.24.11

Tomorrow there will be 26 regular agenda items for council to vote on at the formal session.  The increase in agenda items was most likely caused by the new meeting schedule and budget discussions dominating most of the informal meeting time.  A few months ago the City Manager implemented a few changes on how agenda … Continue reading Norfolk City Council: 5.24.11

Norfolk City Council: 4.26.11

By Tommy Smigiel Norfolk City Council has a light regular agenda this week, in preparation for the release of the 2012 Fiscal Year Budget on Tuesday. There are only five regular items on the agenda.  On Monday morning, City Council members will get their first look at a budget that is $32 million slimmer than last year.  On … Continue reading Norfolk City Council: 4.26.11

Norfolk City Council: 4.19.11

By Tommy Smigiel I need to apologize to those who were getting used to following my weekly City Council updates.  Unfortunately, I was slammed with multiple events (political and personal) that left no time for me to even write a quick update.  Don't worry, you didn't miss much the last two weeks and if there was … Continue reading Norfolk City Council: 4.19.11

Norfolk City Council: 3.29.11

By Tommy Smigiel There are a lot of healthy discussions happening within the City of Norfolk right now.  I call it healthy, but some might look at it as just more controversy.  However you might feel, I am happy that more citizens are getting engaged.  We need citizens involved in their government.  The council will take up … Continue reading Norfolk City Council: 3.29.11

Norfolk City Council: 3.22.11

By Tommy Smigiel Norfolk government managed to stay out of the headlines this past week for controversial matters.  It was nice to read a positive story this weekend.  I was happy to hear that the Jacoby Development Group finalized plans for the old Ford Motor Company plant and announced that a Belgian logistics company will bring over 225 jobs back to Norfolk.  This … Continue reading Norfolk City Council: 3.22.11

Norfolk City Council: 3/8/11

Change is in the Air By Tommy Smigiel With the arrival of spring in the next few weeks, Norfolk’s new city manager has already started some spring cleaning.  The addition of Marcus Jones to city hall has added a new and refreshing approach to the way business is conducted.  In the few short weeks he … Continue reading Norfolk City Council: 3/8/11

Norfolk City Council: 3/1/11

By Tommy Smigiel Sorry for the delay on posting the agenda items for this Tuesday.  I had some difficulty downloading the agendas and some of the item specifics were deleted by accident from my drop box.  City Council was off last week, and this week doesn't offer anything exciting on the agenda.  Some may question … Continue reading Norfolk City Council: 3/1/11