Norfolk City Council: 2/15/11

By Tommy Smigiel The informal agenda offers some items of interest for our citizens this week. Presentation of the FY2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and KPMG External Auditors FY2010 Independent Auditor's Report Update on Mid-Town Office Tower Update on Real Estate Assessments Status Review of Light Rail Construction Will the KPMG Audit Report reveal anything interesting?  Is there … Continue reading Norfolk City Council: 2/15/11


Norfolk City Council: 2/8/11

By:  Tommy Smigiel This week I have highlighted three items of interest on the City Council formal agenda.  Below you will find a consent item which is a quarterly update on the City’s Legal Debt Margin.  I thought the public would like to know where we stand on our debt limit.  I am also including … Continue reading Norfolk City Council: 2/8/11

Norfolk City Council: 2/1/11

By Tommy Smigiel Sorry, but the City Council agenda for this week is not that interesting.  This is one of those meetings that validates my point that we do not need to be meeting weekly.  With only six public hearings and four resolutions on the agenda, the formal session should be completed in less than 15 minutes.  Last week, we had … Continue reading Norfolk City Council: 2/1/11

Norfolk: Time to get involved

I am happy to join the All Politics is Local blog as a contributing writer.  Since joining the Norfolk City Council, Vivian and I have discussed different ways to engage Norfolk citizens.  While I have challenged our government to be open and accountable, I have also repeatedly expressed concern that our citizens don’t take the … Continue reading Norfolk: Time to get involved